3 Easy Steps To Figure Out The Best Diet For You

I’m going to start by saying this: it’s a confusing time to eat food. It’s also a confusing time for anyone wanting to make healthy changes to their diet, because what does that even mean anymore?

The internet is LITTERED with conflicting nutrition information. Everyone and their mother is claiming to be a nutrition expert and there’s a new miracle diet popping up every week. Here’s your Registered Dietitian approved foolproof system for determining if a diet is right for you, with 3 easy questions.

Number One: Do I enjoy this way of eating? If you’re about to commit to a “diet” or some version of “eating healthier” and your initial thought is, ugh, that is huge red flag! That initial “ugh” feeling is a great indicator that more than likely, it’s going to be hard to stick to. Whatever you choose to do should be something that you enjoy, always. 

Number Two: Does this make me feel good? The food that you eat should make you feel full, satisfied, and balanced all day! Any diet that leaves you constantly craving, starving in between meals or thinking about food all day long is not going to work long term. Who can live like that? The best diet for you will have you feeling amazing physically AND mentally. 

Number Three: Can I maintain this way of eating? An even better question is: can I maintain this way of eating on weekends, holidays and vacations? If that sounds impossible to you, you might be victim of the “all or nothing” diet mentality that SO many women fall victim to. The best diet for you is something that is maintainable, regardless of what you are doing or where you’re at it in your life.

The next time you hear about a new or trendy miraculous diet, ask yourself those three simple questions. If the answer is “no” to ANY of them, you have your answer! Despite what we are constantly hearing, misery and deprivation are not prerequisites for eating healthy and weight loss. The best diet for you is truly one that makes sense for you and your lifestyle so that you never have to “go on a diet” again.

Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below or e-mail me at jamienadeaunutrition@gmail.com.

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I’m a Registered Dietitian and I’ve been exactly where you are, right now. The all or nothing dieting, the constant food guilt, the scale obsession, absolutely no balance with food…. Sound familiar? 


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